Createx spunbond SS & SSS

Technology of SPUNBOND production involves bringing together three main stages of nonwoven material production: filament shaping, web formation and its thermal bonding to the finished material, in a continuous process.

The continuity of the filaments positively effects the strength of the material, making it at the same time very light, and the combination of all stages of its production in one manufacturing process allows to minimize production costs, and, as a result, to reduce the self-cost of the material.

 Peculiarity of the Reicofil technology is its air flow system management, that allows to draw filaments of the highest quality. For  spunbond production Reicofil technology uses special grades of polypropylene with a narrow range of molecular weight distribution.


100% polypropylene


10-100 gsm


hydrophobic; hydrophilic

Max. roll width

3,2м (SS); 4,2м (SSS)


can be agreed with the customer

Possible additives

UV stabilizer; hydrophilic additive; fire retardant; other functional additives according to the customers requirements