Our clients

Basic level of the service provided by the company includes:

  • quality of the products, surpassing actual demands of the market
  • adaptation of the product's properties accorging to the requirements of the customers

For our regular customer our company offers:

  • all kinds of comparative tests in our own laboratory equipped in accordance with highest standards in the industry,
  • following specific requirements for the packaging,
  • creating unique product parameters if required by the customer
  • providing the possibility of necessary constant safety stock of the material at the plant in Moscow Region
  • introduction of the latest achievements and global trends in the field of nonwoven materials 

To our strategic partners in addition to the above mentioned options we are ready to provide the following possibilities: 

  • сreating the concepts of the new products and methods of their promotion on the market 
  • exclusive elaboration of materials with unique characteristics
  • long-term planning of material supply
  • long-term formula pricing
  • access to analytical data and forecast of the market
  • personal account manager
  • more flexible finanancial terms of supply

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