Production plant  of the company LLC "NETKANIKA" is equipped with 2 state-of-the-art lines manufacturing nonwoven material from 100% PP -  Reicofil 3 and Reicofil 4, by German Company «Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. KG». Material produced under this technology are remarkable for their high strength and outstanding tactile (softness) properties. 

Reicofil technology incorporates production on nonwoven material of SS (Spunbond of 2 layers ), SSS (Spunbond of 3 layers)  and SMS (Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond).

Very important advantage of the choice of the equipment and integration of production lines is the possibility to produce material with very low thickness of fibers, starting from 1,1 denie and low density, that is particularly important for production of hygienic goods, such as baby diapers, as well as for production of medical clothes.

According to technical characteristics, declared by equipment producer, the lowest density of the material that can be produced on the lines refers to the limit of 10 g/m2.

However, company's specialists could improve existing technology Reicofil, and as a result today our company can produce material of 8 g/m2 with both good tactile  and high strength properties.  

Also very important factor that can influence on the properties of the final product is the quality of the cutting process of nonwoven material.  Both production lines are equipped with automatic systems  «Edelmann Technology GmbH» (Germany), that make automatic adjustment of the separating knives according to the established programm and, depending on the customers demand, make precise cutting of the rolls with the width starting from 78mm up to 4200mm with roll max. diameter 1200mm.

Using robotic complex  «Trasсar» ( Italy ) allows to pack final rolls abutomatically , that provides reliability of the properties of final materil during storage and transportation. 

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